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South India and Ayurveda

Travel to South India and Experience Holistic Measures of Ayurveda:
South India
Known for age old culture, scintillating backwaters, palm fringed sea shores, awe inspiring art forms and the holistic measures of Ayurveda, the Southern part of India is an oasis for weary travellers. One of the highlights of South India tours is the rejuvenating treatments of science of Ayurveda that have been practiced in the region for more than 5000 years now. Ayurveda is a stream of medicinal science developed in the Vedic period by the sages and natural scientists.

South India
Ayurveda is better described as science of living and thus works through a series of treatments coupled with programs for initiating balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Every year tourist coming from numerous countries of the world opt for South India tour to experience Ayurveda to regain their lost vigour and rejuvenate those jaded muscles. Ayurveda initiates healthy lifestyle and is further accompanied by yoga exercises, meditation and massages to attain unison amidst mind, body and soul.

South India
A Tour to South India promises abundance of opportunities for indulging in the revitalizing systems of Ayurveda and thus should not be missed. The verdant region of backwaters, Kerala is one of the highly preferred choices of those desiring to experience the magic of Ayurveda. With a backdrop of pristine backwaters and enchanting greenery of Kerala enhances the tranquilizing effect of Ayurvedic therapies. Kerala houses a number of great Ayurvedic resorts that pamper its guests with revitalizing therapies of this traditional science of medicine.

South India
Varied resorts and institutions serving Ayurvedic treatments first make the patient go through a complete medical treatment in order to study the ailment and its overall impact and thus prescribe effective treatments. Those wanting to undergo these treatments for simply pampering themselves or to detoxify must go through a process of medical check-up as well in order to govern the functional aspect of the body. So, if not offered one must demand one's South India tour operator for the care of a medical practitioner.

South India
Once the ailment is detected and examined the experts of Ayurvedic treatments suggest from a list of therapies sessions. These packages include a variety of massages done with natural oils and herbs, rejuvenation therapies, yoga sessions and nutritional diet chart program. Others can opt for beautification therapies that include a variety of herbal massages, stress management program, anti aging therapies, scrubs and wraps which help detoxify and provide a glowing skin.

South India
The beauty of Ayurveda is that it focuses holistic effects, works through natural resources and possesses absolutely no side effects. A South India tour is one offering exhilarating rides of traditional houseboats, breathtaking greenery, sun kissed beaches, colourful performing art forms, stunning temple architectures crowned by revitalizing Ayurveda magic. Experiencing an Ayurvedic massage on shores of backwaters in South India proves to be a tranquilizing one and thus is preferred by most, on a South India tour.

South India Tour Operator

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